Our Warranty

Kooney Homes is proud to offer National Home Warranty. National is one of the largest new home warranty providers in western Canada and your National warranty is underwritten by one of the largest insurance companies in the world. The Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada in partnership with National Home Warranty Programs backs new home warranties in Canada’s four western provinces.

Your 2/5/10 National Home Warranty covers your new home for two years against defects in the major systems in your home, five years for any building envelope defects and ten years for any structural defects.

Homeowner Orientation

Prior to taking possession of your new home, a walk-through will be arranged by one of our representatives for you. At this point Kooney Homes will note any deficiencies or defects that require attention. These items will be addressed immediately.

We will also discuss general home maintenance and care items as outlined in your Kooney Homes’ New Home Manual. The manual serves as an easy reference tool in the maintenance and care of your new home. You will find that this manual includes a wide array of important information.

Customer Care Service

Request Although every effort is made that your new home is free from any deficiencies, some items may require attention. Rest assured, a Kooney Homes customer service representative will address your concerns.

During the first month in your new home, you may notice some items requiring our attention. Please note these items down on our customer service request form. Fax this form to our attention at the end of the month and we will be in touch with you to arrange for a convenient time to address these items.

For the remainder of your first year, please maintain a list of other items that may require attention. Complete this form at the end of the first year and we will be in touch with you to arrange a service call.

Warranty Coverage

  • 1 year – defects in materials and labour
  • 2 year – defects in materials and labour supplied for major systems such as the electrical, plumbing heating & ventilation
  • 5 year – any defect which may result in significant unintended water penetration of the building envelope
  • 10 year – defects in materials and labour which results in a failure of the load bearing portion of the home